Monday, November 7, 2011

Everyday Blessings

I am so very thankful...

: : that Sophia is outgrowing her allergies!!! She no longer reacts to anything from my milk, so I don't have to be on the Sophia diet anymore. What she eats is a different story, but I think it's significant that she's not as sensitive as she once was.

: : for my husband. Seriously. He is awesome....really, really awesome.

: : that Levi has the potty thing 100% figured out. When he decided to start using the potty he really didn't have many accidents, but I can't even remember a single one in quite some time. He also just walks on in and does his business with no reminders. I think that might be one of the perks of waiting until he was truly ready.

: : for Saturday's girls night out with my mama and Sophia. So much fun.

: : for Sophia's very earnest attempt at 'singing' along to the songs in church yesterday. 

: : for the crunch of leaves underfoot.

: : for a decently tidy and newly organized sewing room/office. 

: : for the feeling of relief and calm that I get when I give away excess stuff. It's a very good feeling. I'm realizing that less really may be more.

So, what's on your gratitude list today?


  1. yay for girls nights with your mom and Sophia!
    It's wonderful that she is outgrowing her food allergies! And yay for potty training!

    I am part of a collaborative blog called Three Thinking Mothers, feel free to link this up to our Thankful Thursdays, if you want!

  2. Yay for the potty training! My son waited until he was ready too. Once he was (at age 4), he only took him a day or two to figure it out. Saturday girls night out sounds like so much fun. I wish my mama lived near me. Can't wait to go when my daughter is older though! I'm thankful for sunshine in November and my awesome kids and hubby :)


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