Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend

Phew. We had a wonderful weekend, but this mama sure is worn out! Saturday we went to our church's Fall Festival. Before the sun went down my dad and I ushered the kiddos outside for an impromptu photo shoot. They were moving targets....

We headed back indoors to enjoy some fun games and good food. Levi...oops, I mean the Dragon, especially liked apple bobbing...

Monday rolled around at an unusually fast speed...possibly due to the incessant questions about when we would go trick or treating. Our town puts on a Halloween festival each year. I'm not a fan of crowds, so I've avoided it until now. However, my dad was volunteering there, so my mom and I took the kids around while he passed out candy. It was actually very well planned and not at all the overwhelming experience that I had imagined.

You'd think that would have been enough, but Levi wanted to do more. When we got home (well past dark and bedtime) we did some trick or treating around our block. Just as we were nearing our house Levi fell splat on the ground. After that he decided he was done. That is until we got into bed, and he cried because he realized it was all over.

Personally, I was ready for the all over part. Now for Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations to commence!

P.S. Levi is definitely going to need to learn to sew. He was insanely picky about every last detail of his costume. There were things he requested that I just couldn't even figure out how to do (at least I couldn't figure out how to do them and keep the outfit comfortable)
P.P.S. Sophia's costume was tedious, but I love it.
P.P.P.S. Sadly, Stephan never gets to do Halloween with us. Sniff. Sniff. 


  1. The costumes are amazing. I LOVE THEM!!!

  2. Those costumes are perfect!!! You completely knocked Halloween out of the park - great job!!

  3. both of those costumes are amazing, but my heart went pitter pat when I saw sofia's.


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