Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Wrath Of Yellow Jackets

This afternoon we headed out to a nature trail to meet some friends. We enjoyed a leisurely (albeit mosquito riddled) jaunt through the woods. When we came to the end of the trail Levi and his buddy did a bit of exploring while his buddy's mama and I chatted. (The boys were well within eyesight). As we were considering packing up (due to the pesky mosquitoes), Levi started screaming and came running towards me. I asked him to use his words and tell me what happened while I checked him for wounds. And, then I saw them....angry yellow jackets buzzing around. I yelled for everyone to run. We headed for the parking lot, and I started frantically trying to get all of the yellow jackets off of Levi. Of course, the bad thing about yellow jackets is that once they're angry they lock onto you and don't back down. I kept knocking them off and killing them, and more kept coming after him. Thankfully we were next to a fire station, and two of the firemen saw us and came over to help. I'm so glad they did. I think it would have been much worse had we not had the extra hands. We were finally able to make a full escape but not before Levi was stung 11 times. Ugh. Thankfully no one else was stung. The firemen checked Levi for signs of an allergic reaction and scraped a stinger out of him. Then we headed for the doctor's office where they dosed him up with some Benadryl and told us what to watch out for. Levi is fine...sore and a little grouchy, but fine. 

When asked how he'd managed to get into yellow jackets, Levi said, "I stepped on them."
"On purpose?"
"To kill 'em dead." 
"Please, don't ever do that again."

Levi was, of course, properly spoiled by BawBaw who brought him pickles and Nanno who bought him a piece of strawberry cake. Then he got to watch a movie (a rare event around here)...

Poor bear made some yellow jackets very angry this afternoon. 11 stings. A little movie watching in bed was in order.

When it was all said and done, I realized that I had indeed touched yellow jackets without hesitating or flinching. Apparently motherhood combined with adrenaline = fearless.

So, how was your Thursday? Hopefully better than mine. :)


  1. Madeline, you were very brave.

  2. GAH!

    SO glad all is OK. Even if everyone is a bit shaken and stirred (you did a great job Mama).

  3. OMGOODNESS!!! I'm so glad he's okay! my brothe and i are severly allergic so hearing about anyone getting stung makes my heart skip a beat, but i'm so glad he's okay!!! A very brave mama indeed!

  4. super scary- i had so many yellow jacket incidents growing up, and they were terrifying! glad he's okay. (and you too.)

  5. how scary! yes, don't ever mess with a mama trying to protect her young ( : Poor Levi...that sounds like such a boy explanation!


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