Monday, October 3, 2011

Everyday Blessings

Taken a few weekends ago on BawBaw's new tractor.

I am in need of a more grateful heart this morning for sure, so here we go...

: : Sophia, my mom and I had a fun girls' night out on Saturday. We checked out Table 100 which was oh so very delicious. 

: : It's been awhile since I mentioned Sophia's eczema. Turns out that she is definitely allergic to corn, eggs, and cow's milk. That doesn't exactly seem like a blessing, but I'm grateful that we were able to figure out the main triggers for it. Since I've avoided eating those things her skin is looking about a million times better. So, yay for that!

: : My sister is coming up this weekend, and we're taking the kids pumpkin picking. Levi is going to be so excited. He talks about his Aunt Annie nearly every day.

: : When Levi was a baby he would play with my hair all the time but especially as he was going to sleep. Even though he is older now and swears to me that he is going to do everything all by himself including driving, he still reaches for my hair when he's tired. It's sweet and it makes me smile.

: : The weather has been picture perfect lately.....clear blue skies and nice temperatures. It looks like it just might stay that way too. It's supposed to be sunny and in the mid to low 80's all week. Nice!

How about in your neck of the woods? Any blessings?


  1. You reminded me that gratitude is a "need." When we appreciate what's in our lives, we're happier. Love you!

  2. It's so funny that Levi doesn't that - my A does too. And yeah for sunny blessings - we've got perfect fall weather here! Have a good week!

  3. we use an egg replacer that's pretty goodby red barn... or flax seed meal (more expensive but more nutritious) in our baking, if your still looking for a baking replacement you like!

  4. Aw, I love the story about Levi touching your hair. And I'm so happy you've pinned down what causes Sophia's eczema. (Like Linnie Joy, we have used egg replacer too.) Have fun pumpkin picking!


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