Monday, October 17, 2011

Everyday Blessings

A few blessings that I'm especially grateful for this week:

: : After Levi was stung by the yellow jackets, I took him to the doctor where I was warned that his legs were going to look much worse the next day. I prepared myself for a day of comforting my little man, but when we woke up his legs looked nearly perfect! It was hard to even spot where the stings had been. Other than having to change shoes because one set rubbed on a sting, Levi didn't mention any pain the whole day, and he was super happy. Now that's what I'd call a blessing.

: : I know I've mentioned the autumn light in one of these posts already, but there's really nothing like it. It has a certain quality that makes me super sentimental, and I like it. I especially like the autumn light in the kid's rooms. The rest of our house is kind of dark and blah, but when I walk into their rooms I always feel good.

: : One and (almost) four are currently my favorite ages which is especially nice since that's where both my kids are right now. Levi has entered into this incredibly fun stage of pretend. His imagination melts my heart. Sophia's curiosity is really starting to blossom, and she's becoming so playful and engaging. Snuggling itty bitty babies is very sweet, but when they make the leap into toddlerhood it's just plain fun.

: : Sophia has discovered brushes. She'll hand one to me and say "Mama" which is her way of asking me to brush her hair. I brush it very gently, and she gets the sweetest look on her face that totally turns me into a giant puddle. I have a girl, people! It's so much fun. (Not that having a boy isn't a barrel of fun. It totally is. It's just a different kind of fun.)

: : We've been able to spend lots of time outside every day lately. The weather has been awesome, and the vitamin D does me good. Even on days when we're super busy, I squeeze at least one walk in for us, and it puts everyone into good moods. 

: : Months ago our favorite park closed for renovations. We were so sad, but it reopened this weekend!!!! It is awesome now. Yay! We will be there weekly. I'm so excited. Lately when we've passed it Levi looks over and says, "When our park opens me and W (his buddy) are going to play there." Gotta put a playdate on the calendar!

So what are you feeling blessed by these days?


  1. I feel blessed by your blog for one thing. That's soooo cute about Sophia wanting her hair brushed. Love you!

  2. beautiful photo! so glad levi is ok!!

    I agree on the autumn light!

  3. I'm super grateful for that park reopening as well!!

  4. i love that photo! And I agree about Autumn light. It is special. I think it's the flickering from the breeze through the leaves + the color of this amazing season. Most importantly, so happy that the bee stings weren't too bad... I was worried. xoxo

  5. oh, I love this post! And yes that photo is great! Poor Levi, what a sucky experience, happy he was all better the next day.


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