Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Reunion

Levi is home. Sigh. Of. Relief. And. Joy.

He also brought a stick bug with a mason jar.

Thankfully, he was convinced to release the stick critter back into the "wild". Poor guy was pretty cramped in a jar. Fun to get a close up peek at him though...

Possibly the very best part of having my little bear back was getting to watch him and Sophia together again. Oh. The sweetness. My heart is still trying to repair itself after the extreme bursting. Sophia kept kissing Levi and trying to hug him. And, he kept kissing and hugging her and saying, "I love you." I don't have a single picture from those moments, but they are forever etched in my heart.

The above pics are from our dinner out with my parents. 

It took a while to settle these two down from the evening's excitement, but once Sophia was asleep Levi curled up in my arms as he drifted off. Sigh. Beautiful end to a wonderful evening.


  1. Those two babies were so CUTE together when they first saw each other! Sophia with her brand, spanking, new kissing skills "kissing" Brother and trying to hold onto him; and Levi so happy to see Sophia. I mean, just sooo sweet. There was a true silver lining to the whole being separated thing.

  2. AND, I have to add that Levi's other grandmother, Ana Maria Veglio, must have done a fabulous job watching over him this past two weeks. He loves his Nona!

  3. Aw, love it! So sweet!

    Are you Italian?

  4. What a sweetie :) Those two... just love how they love each other! Yay for him being home!!

  5. Happy everyone back together day you truly do have adorable kiddies.


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