Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh. Hello, Blog.

It's been awhile.

Levi went to his dad's a little over a week ago, and to be honest I just haven't felt like blogging. Things are going fine, though. I've talked to him, and he's having fun. So, yay.
I'm not near the emotional wreck I was last summer when he left. So, double yay.

Stephan's been working a ton. It's mostly been just me and Fia. At first she was incredibly bored. Levi spends nearly his whole day trying to make her laugh, and I think she really missed that. But, we're finding our own little rhythm now....maybe not as entertaining a rhythm, but at least it's something.

Oh, and Fi has two teeth now! They broke through the day before Levi left. Their upwards journey is slow going, so no photos yet. They're still just barely above the surface.


  1. She is so cute and I LOVE the nickname!

  2. One week closer to him being home!!
    I totally understand the not wanting to blog when your babe is away *hugs from afar*, he'll be making Fia laugh again soon, what a blessing he gets to be with you most of the time!!!

    Miss Fia is getting so big, every time I see a photo she inches toward toddler-hood a little more! She is just SO CUTE!!!

    Praying for Peace for your family with all your transition!!

  3. Ohmygoodness! Suddenly, to me, Sophia (Fia?) looks so much bigger. I love her smiles. Hope you can keep yourself, uh, distracted or occupied until Levi comes home again.


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