Thursday, June 30, 2011

In His Heart

This is Levi "modelling" a pair of shorts I made for him. Yeah. Doesn't sitting show them off well? Ha!

Yesterday Levi insisted on sitting at my feet as I nursed Sophia to sleep for a nap. I explained to him how he needed to be super quiet. He agreed. He sat at my feet for a few minutes looking at one of his trains. I could see the wheels turning in that head of his and knew it wouldn't be long before something came out of his mouth. Then, suddenly, he popped his head up and (in a not so quiet 'whisper') said:

"Mama! I think about BawBaw. I think about him because he's in my heart. I'm in his heart too."

Later on. When Sophia woke up from her nap. Levi said, "I love Sophia. She's in my heart." He has since declared all of those most dear to him as being in his heart "ever and ever"....which I think translates to forever.

There are certainly times when I'd like to string the kid up by his toenails, but then there are these moments. The ones that make my heart ache they're so good.


  1. AW . . . sigh . . ... AW

  2. Love the shorts - at least the part I can see. ;)

    What a sweet boy you've got there - being raised with love all around him so that he has a lot of love in his heart. <3

  3. awww, sooo sweet!!!

    you are a good mama!! this is a sign of how awesome you are as a parent that your little one says and knows these important things!

  4. The moments a Mumma lives for!
    Such a darling!


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