Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

This handsome fella was off of work all weekend long plus a few extra days...oh, what a rare treat.....

My Handsome Hubby

We had a fabulous weekend.  We even discovered a new favorite spot by the water....

Levi By The Water


Apparently the geese like this spot too.  They were taking their goslings out for a stroll...

Geese and Geese Babies

We spent Mother's Day with my parents.  The only problem with going to their place is that Levi never wants to leave.  Can you blame him?  Not only do the world's best Nanno and Baw-Baw live there, but they have chickens....

Levi at the Chicken Coop

Chicken Chasing

I hope your Mother's Day weekend was filled with lots of goodness!!

P.S. Stephan took us out to the thrift shops Saturday (yep, I'm a cheap date!).  We scored a nearly new moses basket for next to nothing.  I'm all happiness over it.  It's one of those so-not-even-close-to-a-necessity-items that I really wanted.  Yay!


  1. So glad you had a good Mother's Day. Moses baskets are so adorable, even if they're not a necessity.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day!

    Congrats on the Moses basket score!

  3. I always wanted a moses basket! So simple and beautiful. Enjoy!!
    (and happy belated mother's day!)

  4. You live a charmed life, you do. Water views, chickens, cheap baby items -- it all sounds fabulous!

  5. oh what a nice looking weekend, Levi looks like he is balancing a goose egg on his head in the second photo.

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  7. We always managed to find a donated Moses basket for every baby. I secretly reckon that when it is small person Number Two (Three, Four, Etc) you can't do without 'em. Makes things so much simpler with the moving around and multi-tasking. Well done Mrs!

  8. My kids are the same way about grandma's house! I love that you can take Levi out for walks around your house and find geese and water!! So lucky!

    Chickens! I have a friend that has chickens, we love the eggs, and Audrey loved chasing the chickens around.

    I bet with your creative self you will have the Moses basket looking perfect in no time. Can't wait to see pictures! Thrift shops are awesome!

  9. What a perfectly lovely, relaxing weekend!

    P.S. Levi's plaid button-up is adorable.


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