Sunday, May 30, 2010

Weekend Loves


: : I love Stephanie' post about her husband taking a voluntary pay cut to be able to spend more time with his family.  Stephan and I are working toward this, so it's nice to see someone who is already there.

: : This looks like easy peasy bathtub fun.

: : I keep seeing crafts that make me want a little girl!  Oh the cute stuff I could make for her!!

: : But, if it's a boy, all is not lost.  There is still wicked cute stuff out there for boys too!

: : I was nearly convinced by Soule Mama's recent post to start making my own laundry powder, but something about sitting around grating soap was holding me back.  Then I saw Nicola's recipe.  I'm sold.  It's now on my to do list for when I run out of my current batch of Nellie's.  Plus, it doubles as dish washing detergent!

: : This gal's homemade dress makes me want to get married all over again....okay, so maybe it wouldn't be so flattering on my current figure, but still....loveliness.

: : Did you ever make these as a kid?  I can't wait to do this with Levi.

What are you loving this weekend?  


  1. That gardenia is too beautiful for words.

  2. Ah yes we played tin can phones here not too long ago. Loved these as a kid!

  3. Thanks for linking to my post...and linking to that handmade wedding dress! So pretty! I admire people who can pull off sewing projects of that magnitude.


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