Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baking Up A Storm...A Few Levi-isms And Such

Baking Up A Storm

: : Levi takes everything literally.  Katie bar the door if, while baking, I happen to slip up and make mention of us "baking up a storm."  "No, No, No, NO!  Des NO storm, Mama!!  No storm!"  And, don't even try to explain it to him.

: : Yesterday, we met Aunt Annie for lunch.  This was the first time Levi had seen her in all of her aqua haired glory.  I warned him before we walked in that Aunt Annie looked a little different.  Needless to say, he had to warm up to her.  Extreme hair changes definitely throw this kid off.  But, it didn't take him too long to decide that it really-o-truly-o was indeed his "Ah-Annie".  Halfway through eating, he says, "I love my Ah-Annie! She's a different."  :)  Yes, Levi.  Yes, she is.  We love her just the same.

: : If you come over here wearing stripes, be forewarned, you will be called a zebra.  My mother had a black and white striped shirt on.  Levi looked at her, grinned, pointed, and said, "She's a zebra!!"  He's also done this to strangers in public.  It makes me laugh.

: : Levi is still fascinated by the baby in my tummy.  Unfortunately, he is also under the impression that there is a baby in his tummy too.  There's a small chance I contributed to that by calling his belly a baby belly every time I kiss it and blow raspberries on it.

: : God was using his thinking cap when he created plenty of good packaging to surround babies in utero.  That fascination with the baby in my tummy equals loads and loads of hugs and kisses for the baby.  By hugs, I mean that Levi squeezes the heck out of my tummy, and squeals, "I love you, Baby!!"  

: : Last night, as I was getting him to sleep, he poked me in the eye and said, "Open your eyes, Mama, so we can talk!"  When did complex sentences make an entrance into our daily lives?  Oh, how often do I neglect to notice firsts until they've become just another thing he does?

What fun things have your munchkins said or done lately?


  1. He is so funny! He's going to make a wonderful big brother :)

  2. As long as Levi doesn't call me a cow or a hippo than he's alright with me (:

    "I love you, Baby".....so cute, very very cute!

    The poke in the eye reminds me when Jeremiah was younger. I would be asleep during the day from working nights and he would come over and do the same thing and say "mom, are you awake".

    Like, yeah I'm awake, you just poked my eye! ( :

  3. Clark keeps talking to my stomach and saying things like, "Hi brother, will you please scoot over and make some room for me?" My lap is getting small. :)

  4. Can he get any more adorable Madeline?! So so good to record it all. Your eye poking reminded me of recently having a finger poked in my ear while the little boy asked me if I *could hear his secret in there?* x

  5. Darah has a particular way to greet us lately. She blows air out of her mouth with her tongue out to make a funny noise. It's hilarious, because she seriously does it when she is seeing us for the first time in a bit. It's her, "Hello!"


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