Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sugar And Spice...Heavy On The Spice

Levi has been away spending time with his dad and grandparents, so it's been a whole lot of just us girls these days. I miss my boy, but it's been fun hanging out with my girls. Lillian still spends loads of time in a carrier and she naps for a while each day, so that means lots of time with this little girl...


I love the way she walks. You can see her determination and spirit in her stride.


And the way she conquers her fears is pretty incredible.


But, the thing that makes me smile the biggest is her sense of style. She is definitely Sophia to the bone.*


Silly goose. She says she's going swimming today.

Her outfit choices crack me up. She's a "pwincess". Can't you tell?

She decided she didn't really want her picture taken, so she hid...

And, here she is a hiding "pwincess".

A case of the afternoon sillies.

 She tells me daily that she is a "pwincess" and that she loves pink the best. She adds an extra -es to plural words like "bootses" and "fwoweres". She runs away in stores, parking lots, etc. which is so maddening, but she sings "You not catch me! I de gingabwed man!" as she runs. That almost makes up for it. She claims all wildflowers as her very own, and she calls one particular patch of them "my garden." It's best to avoid stepping in it. She doesn't like to snuggle much. But, at night when we read books she rests her head on my shoulder and I turn into a bucket of mush. She tells me she's big like the "boyses" referring to Levi and his friends. She is quite possibly the sweetest big sister on the face of this planet. She takes after her brother who is the sweetest of big brothers. Lillian might just be the luckiest baby sister on earth. These are some of the things I want to remember, but I know that in a year or two they will all be so much bigger. I'll be flipping through this blog and exclaiming, "I can't believe I'd forgotten that!" But, I will. Time is tricky.

*We used to say about my sister that she was "Annie to the bone".

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