Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Oh, hello, blog. It's been awhile . . . nearly 5 months to be exact. We did indeed manage to get moved and settled in, but we didn't have internet service for a few months. And then life started getting very very full . . . a good sort of full. When we did finally get back online I kind of felt done with the whole blogging thing, but yesterday Lillian took her first steps. That evening Stephan and I came here and looked up Levi's and Sophia's first steps, and then we just started browsing a bit. We both got dreadfully sentimental and started reminiscing about our sweet babies and how fast life is flying by . . . how fast they are growing up. And, suddenly I missed blogging again. I missed having a (searchable) place to write down the crazy things the kids say and do. I missed writing about our days . . . big ones and small ones. I missed documenting my knitting too. Apparently, I don't photograph anything I make if I'm not blogging. There's a backlog. I might spare you, though, and just start from this point forward. 

I'd bet too that there are some grandparents living in far flung places who have been ready to kick me for the past 5 months, so onto the important stuff . . . the kids.

They've been growing and playing and exploring and learning and did I say growing already?
Lillian is trying to walk, and Sophia's imagination is on fire, and Levi is sucking up every bit of knowledge he finds like it's water in the middle of a desert.

Boxes are the best.  
They are each as different as night and day, but still they adore one another . . . most days, at least. ;)


There is never a dull moment, and there is certainly never a quiet one. But that's okay because before I know it (if I'm very very blessed) I'll be knitting sweaters for grandbabies. That makes me a little happy and sad all at once.  Can you tell my baby's 1st birthday is coming up? I ALWAYS get so sappy and sentimental when that first year mark approaches. Wasn't there a time when years stretched on like whole lifetimes? And now blink, blink, blink, gone.


  1. Oh, my. How sweet. Glad you're blogging again. Love, Mom

  2. Madeline, I didn't realize how much I had missed your blog until you reappeared! Thank you for these insightful, truthful, entertaining, and loving glimpses of the life of your family.

  3. Beeeaauutiful children! They have such a blessed childhood. <3

  4. Welcome back! I can't believe how big Lillian is now. I keep dropping the blogging ball, but you are right, it it does have lots of benefits!

    1. Thank you, Bek!! I know, I know. These kids just won't stop growing! :-)

  5. Hi Madeline! I took a little break from blogging too and I also happened to move, so I know how you're feeling :) I was just checking up on all my favorite blogs that I've missed. The kiddos are so big and beautiful! Glad you're back to blogging!


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