Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Roadside Find

New toy...found on the side of the road. It's in surprisingly decent condition.

Monday morning Stephan woke me up all excited:
"Hey! Do you wanna go look at a free piano?"
"Um. No. Why would we want a piano?"
"It's free!!"
"But, no one here plays the piano."
"But, it's free!!"
"We don't have room, and we don't need to take things just because they're free."

Good argument, right? Obviously not since that's a picture of it in our garage, and now it's parked in our living room. It's Levi's new toy.
And, that's Levi's goodnight moon book up there. "Mama, it's a songbook. I'm singing!"
Sigh. I suppose I'll have to rearrange the furniture....again.


  1. I showed my hubby that when you put it on insta, he was a bit jealous "Man i wish WE could find a piano on the road side!"... even though none of us play(and i took 3 years of lessons i didn't want!)

  2. That is a pretty awesome find. I think it is well worth finding a place for. Does it sound like it is mostly in tune? Levi will love it no matter what though.

  3. You have a smart husband! I would snatch up a free piano in a heartbeat! Even though I barely know how to play. (took lessons when I was little, but they didn't "stick") I love it when a home has a piano.

  4. Great! Maybe someone in the family will learn to play. We turned down my husband's gradfather's piano because no one plays and we didn't know where to put it. So it got sold. :(

  5. WOW, I wish we could find a piano roadside. I play the piano at church for the children, and could totally use one to practice on :)


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