Friday, April 15, 2011

A Little Beeventuring

Sophia's illness pretty much consumed last week. It was all we could think about. Thankfully Stephan was off of work through much of it....such a blessing. Once our little girl was well though, we were all ready to get out of the house for a little beeventuring. If you're not up to snuff on Levi-speak, that has nothing to do with bees and everything to do with adventures. We headed out to one of our favorite spots on the Natchez Trace....Rocky Springs.

We took turns sporting Sophia in our Ergo (best baby purchase ever!). Is there anything cuter or sweeter than a babywearing daddy?!!

Levi had so much fun. He ran around barefoot...which you might think happens a lot around here what with the blog title and all, but so far this little man has not taken quite the liking to barefeet as his mama has.

And, just so that someday in the future my kids will have photographic evidence that I was indeed there, here's the one picture of me...

Levi tried to make a break for it when it was time to go.

Can you blame him? I know I can't. Just look at the place! Beautiful.

So, do you have a favorite beeventuring spot?


  1. Oh me, oh my! That place looks breath-taking. I want to go there! Your sweet little family, love!

  2. Those pictures are great!! I love the pic of you and Sophia. The way she is peeking around the Ergo is adorable!

    Looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. My, oh, My I enjoyed that blog. We have got some of the prettiest scenery in Mississippi!!!

  4. Oh! I love the photos. What a beautiful place. And I love the photo of you and Sophia peeking out behind.

    Hoping you have many more beeventures!

  5. ours will change with each move, but here we love our woods near home and the river.

    oh, you look super cute in your picture lady!!

    i told jake he needs to take more pics because if jaime has his memory he wont ever remember me anywhere!!!
    "my mum was never around, it was always me and dad!"

    Jake chuckled and agreed, more photos with me in anticipation i go my eyebrows done and bought some more makeup(because since i had bear i hardly wear any at all!)we want him to remember me as not a wreck, LOL!

  6. What a gorgeous place!!

    Your kids are so cute!!

    This blog is going to be priceless as they grow older--what a great way to capture all of the adorable moments and little words they make up!

  7. Yikes. Glad Sophia is back on track and Levi is well, back on beeventuring track. I'd never be able to get my kids to leave that gorgeous, suspiciously magical-looking spot either.

  8. Gorgeous! Mississippi? A state I haven't been to (at least not at an age old enough to remember).

  9. I wish I could have joined y'all on that beeventure. Maybe this summer. I will officially be done with my first year of vet school on the 29th. Looking forward to seeing y'all this weekend even if I don't get to stay through Sunday with exams and all.

  10. i would give anything to live closer to you, so i could have gone on your adventure with you. your pictures are so beautiful. sorry i've not been here enough, i feel awful about that. i promise i'll be by more, because i want to support your lovely blog, sweet friend.

  11. That yellow-and-white shirt looks AWESOME on you! You look beautiful.

    And - yes- the ERGO is the best, isn't it?


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