Monday, December 3, 2012

An Empty Manger

We've had a sick weekend around here. I think/hope that we are all mended or at least almost so. Saturday after a stay at home in our pjs kind of day I was browsing the craziness that is the worldwide web. I spotted this manger and at once gasped and declared, "We NEED one of these!" My husband took me seriously, and illness did not deter him from going outside and coming back in with this...


Okay, so he really came in with a manger that was twice as big. If you too decide that you need a manger do not follow the measurements from that link. Unless, of course, you're looking to donate a manger to your church (ours is about to get one). The look of horror on my face (and possibly me saying, "Honey, that can't stay in our living room.") prompted him to exit and come back in with the smaller more manageable version. I believe it is in the 18 inch range instead of the original 30 inches.

My plan is for the kids to fill it with something soft (hay, yarn? I dunno.) on Christmas Eve. Then when they wake up on Christmas morning a baby Jesus will be in the manger they prepared. It's already initiated some great conversations around know once we explained to the kids that it was not indeed a table or a chair.

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